Looking for a Japanese knife for a life time

We asked a simple question. If you could only use one of the knives tested here for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Surprisingly 83% of the people chose this one, the Yoshihiro Blue Steel Kuro Uchi Gyuto 9.5″. This knife is the most expensive we tested and thus might not be for those who are not thinking about investing in a mid-high price range knife. All being said, although a large investment this knife will last anyone a life time.


Why do we like the Yoshihiro Blue Steel Kurouchi Gyuto 9.5″ so much?

This knife is Black Forged, this being one of the traditional methods of crafting high carbon knives. This form of forging offers a hardness of 62~63 on the Rockwell scale. In addition with the traditional method of sandwiching the edge of the knife between two layers of high carbon White Steel (Warikomi) the edge of the knife has an outstanding retention as well as sharpness.


This is an an extremely sharp knife capable of multitasking with easy. This is possible due to the double edge blade which is traditionally found in Western knifes. The Yoshihiro Blue Steel Kurouchi Gyuto 9.5 is capable of slicing, dicing, chopping fresh produce or even carving a roast chicken straight from the oven. This knife truly excels in many distinct tasks, and it make them very easy to accomplish thanks to the perfect balance and comfortable D-Shaped Shitan Rosewood Handle the knife possess. Yoshihiro say that “even the simplest tasks are elevated with a handcrafted knife”, and we have to agree with them.


Who should buy the Yoshihiro Blue Steel Kurouchi Gyuto 9.5″

  • People who are looking to buy a knife that will last them a lifetime.
  • People who are looking for a unique Japanese hand crafted tool.

Don’t Buy:

  • If looking to invest in a versatile knife but money is an issue (look at Shun DM0706 Classic 8″)


Is this knife for you? Our Final Thoughts

Yoshihiro Blue Steel Kuro Uchi Gyuto 9.5″ is not for those with a tight budget. All being said, this is an excellent all around knife and it’s price is justified by knowing that this handcrafted knife will last you many years to come. If money is not an issue go for it, if on the contrary it is a problem we recommend you look at these similar models, the Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2″ and the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife 8″.