Shun Knives; Affordability does NOT mean lower performance

The Best of Shun Japanese Knives

Inspired by the blade-making traditions of ancient Japan, today’s highly skilled Shun artisans fabricate blades of unique quality and magnificent sharpness, each requiring at least one hundred handcrafted steps to complete.

Top Shun Japanese Knives



Shun DM0706 Classic 8″If money is an issue and you are looking for an overall versatile knife, the Shun DM0706 Classic 8″ can be an option for you. Due to the Shun’s versatility and price it makes it perfect for beginners.

best japanese knives


Shun Premier Chef’s Knife 8″ (Read Review) – This is as versatile all-purpose chef’s knife that can be used to chop, slice and dice numerous ingredients–from vegetables to fish to meat. The 8″ blade is curved and lends itself to a smooth and comfortable rocking back and forth when cutting.

Best Japanese Knives